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Camco is a leader in sustainable energy projects and low-carbon finance

We have extensive hands-on experience developing and funding renewable energy solutions in emerging markets.


Location: Rural Nigeria
Project type: Off-grid
Technology: Solar mini-grids
Capacity: 2.7MW
Camco involvement: Origination, finance

Thaba Eco Hotel,
South Africa

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Project type: Off-grid, greenfield
Technology: Mini-grid with battery storage
Capacity: 180kMh
Camco involvement: Development, Financial structuring

Senergy 2,

Location: Bokhol. northern Senegal
Project type: Grid-connected, greenield
Technology: Solar PV
Capacity: 20MW
Camco involvement: Origination, financial structuring


Location: Njombe and Ruvuma regions
Project type: Gird-connected, greenfield
Technology: Run-of-river hydro
Capacity: 5.4MW
Camco involvement: Origination, finance