Company history

Camco has been at the forefront of renewable energy development and climate action for nearly 30 years. Since our formation, the company has evolved considerably, shifting our focus from renewable energy and climate change consultancy to becoming the market leaders in climate finance that we are today.

Renewables & climate consultancy

Uses extensive experience in renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change to deliver strategic, technical, financial and commercial solutions for both the private and public sectors.

Renewables project development

Develops and secures funding for own clean energy projects, building wealth of applied experience that is used to directly support clients’ project development and financial needs.

Carbon credit fund

Branches into the carbon credit sector and rapidly becomes one of the largest Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) developers in the world. Restructures in 2013 and winds down carbon business before finally exiting in early 2018.

Renewable energy finance

Specialises in investment advisory and management solutions for sustainable energy projects in emerging markets across the world, winning REPP and GAP mandates.

The team

Our diverse team is experienced in finance and investment, risk management, development, engineering, policy, and sustainability. We are united by our passion for clean energy and sustainable economic development.