Project summary

The 4.5MW AG Power Jerome clean energy facility in Idaho employs advanced technology to biologically convert dairy waste from 15,000 cows into methane-rich biogas. The biogas is then used to fuel three high-efficiency internal combustion gensets, producing electricity that is sold under a fixed price 20-year contract to a local utility.

Operational since 2011, the power plant is a clear demonstration of how the biogas can solve many of the problems faced by dairy farms and other concentrated animal feeding operations, while also supporting US climate commitments. Among other benefits, the plant extends the maintenance intervals on the dairy’s huge wastewater lagoons by limiting sludge build-up, while simultaneously reducing fugitive methane and volatile organic carbon emissions to the atmosphere from the lagoon system. Camco arranged financing for the $25m plant with a mix of senior debt, mezzanine finance and its own equity. In 2014, the company also acquired the 2.1MW AG Power DD facility, located 30 miles from the AG Power Jerome plant.

The company divested from both projects in Q4 2015 by selling its US biogas assets to Clean Power Holdings LLC.

Image credits:

Anaerobic digester, California – by Manny Cristomo/Sacramento Bee/Zuma Press
Idaho dairy – by Greg Goebel