Credit Risk Abatement Facility (CRAF)

Incentivising lending to support clean energy projects in the Caribbean

AG Power Jerome, U.S.

4.5MW grid-connected biogas plant

GVE, Nigeria

72-village solar mini-grid project

Mubuga, Burundi

7.5MW grid-connected solar plant

Palong biogas, Malaysia

2MW grid-connected biogas plant

PAS Solar, Nigeria

Wide-scale solar home systems project

PEG Africa

Innovative solar systems credit scheme

Sakhola & Mathioya, Kenya

Two run-of-river grid-connected hydro plants

Senergy 2, Senegal

20MW grid-connected solar plant

Thaba Eco Hotel, South Africa

Solar mini-grid project with battery storage

Tilli, Ghana

20MW grid-connected solar plant