Analyst, West Africa

Camco Clean Energy is looking for an experienced analyst with a passion for climate and impact investing in developing markets to join its West Africa team based in Accra, Ghana.

Central to the role will be analysing and helping to structure possible fund investments (debt and equity). The successful applicant will also be required to, among other things, undertake financial modelling and financial model audits; complete commercial and financial due diligence, market research and financial analysis; and draft investment proposals and assist in presenting those proposals to internal and fund investment committees.

Applicants should have at least an undergraduate degree in business, economics, finance, accounting, engineering or a similar relevant field, as well as three or more years’ applied experience in a similar role. They should have excellent written and oral communication skills, be proficient with Microsoft Excel and be strong at financial modelling. Perfect English is necessary, and fluent French is desirable.

The deadline for applications is 31 October 2021.

To see the full job description, please click here.

Camco internships

At Camco, we are always keen to welcome recent graduates to join our diverse and expanding team. Interns can expect to be warmly welcomed into an inclusive work environment while having the chance to operate at the forefront of impact investing in Africa, where their efforts will directly contribute to the establishment and enhancement of clean energy systems throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Camco offers several internships every year, each one providing a unique set of opportunities, including:

– Working directly with different teams to build a broad and comprehensive understanding of Camco as a business and the impact industry as a whole.

– The chance to travel between our African and European offices to meet the team, network and gain experience working in different markets.

– Depending on your skillset, the opportunity to produce analysis and partake in transactions to enhance your understanding of African power markets and project financing.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us at

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