Creative solutions for investment in clean energy projects.

Camco combines practical experience and unrivalled local insights with world-leading financial expertise to originate, develop, fund and build clean energy infrastructure.

The projects we support cover a wide range of technologies, including solar PV, hydro, wind, biogas, biomass, energy storage and off-grid solutions, and are often in remote or challenging locations.


The ability to originate, structure and advise on clean energy projects in emerging markets is one of Camco’s strengths.

We have extensive origination and finance networks, supported by our regional presence and a team experienced in advice and structuring.  

Our work includes:

Featured projects:


Location: Mubuga, Gitega Province
Project type: Grid-connected, greenfield
Technology: Solar PV
Capacity: 7.5MW
Camco involvement: Origination


Location: Njombe and Ruvuma regions
Project type: Gird-connected, greenfield
Technology: Run-of-river hydro
Capacity: 5.4MW
Camco involvement: Origination, finance

Senergy 2,

Location: Bokhol. northern Senegal
Project type: Grid-connected, greenield
Technology: Solar PV
Capacity: 20MW
Camco involvement: Origination, financial structuring

Thaba Eco Hotel,
South Africa

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Project type: Off-grid, greenfield
Technology: Mini-grid with battery storage
Capacity: 180kMh
Camco involvement: Development, Financial structuring


Location: Rural Nigeria
Project type: Off-grid
Technology: Solar mini-grids
Capacity: 2.7MW
Camco involvement: Origination, finance